October 30, 2004

Oryx and Crake

Margaret Atwood

First published: 2003

Original language: Canadian English

Its easy to think of Margaret Atwood as something of a hypocrite as she greedily bites the hands that feed here and grows fatter and fatter financially and in fame as she does so. While suitably shocked, I found it somewhat refreshing to hear a Canadian Economics Professor express his contempt for her well-publicised and readership-smooching forays against the Globalisation monster while voraciously siphoning off the mega-spondulicks the globalised publishing market has poured into her coffers with a liberality certainly no Canadian writer, hardly any woman writer and very few writers in the entire history of the game have been blessed with, however reluctantly, before. Life for a giantess of Canadian culture, one supposes, must be an unending whirlwind of such paradox for the genuine major world player in the field of letters Ms Atwood undoubtedly is, with all the book tours, TV shows, five star hotels, celebrity appearances and hundreds and hundreds of famous and beautiful friends this kind of ranking brings with it today, that she can always shrug such inevitable contradictions off with a ‘But what can I do?’ and another even more brilliant book than her last that will ensure her single detractor quivering with helpless fury like a passed-over pundit.

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