December 1, 2005

Weird fixes 2: Cannot read Adobe CS Help

This applies to Adobe Help Center and Adobe Bridge Center in Adobe Creative Suite 2:

Problem: cannot read (or can hardly read) Adobe Help files or Bridge Center due to weird fonts.

Weird Fix:

  1. Apparently this is nothing to do with Adobe CS, but a Windows problem with fonts. To fix it you will need a font management program like the no-longer available Adobe Type Manager or Extensis Suitcase (free trial version available from Extensis).

  2. Deactivate your installed or active fonts until you have 300 or less active fonts.

  3. Adobe CS Help and Bridge Center will now appear in their (clear) default font!!

There is another perhaps [old] related font problem when running Opera on Windows when you have Adobe Type Manager also installed - Opera becomes entirely unreadable. If you remove Adobe Type Manager, it clears up. However, while there is a Firefox, I would rather keep the type manager and solve problems like the above.

So, problems reading Help files are all the rage. What will they think of next?

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Weird fixes 1: Cannot access Visual Studio help

Apparently this applies to either Visual Studio 2003 or 2005, and can happen either out of the blue, (i.e. after its been running happily for some time) or immediately after installation.

Problem: when you try to access Visual Studio help and/or MSDN Library you get a ‘Server not found’ or similar message.

Weird Fix:

  1. Using Windows Explorer, make a new directory/folder in Documents and Settings > [main user] > Local Settings and call it, for instance, TIF.

  2. Open Internet Explorer - even (!) if its not your primary browser - then open Tools > Internet Options. On the General tab in Internet Options, under Temporary Internet Files click on Settings...

  3. In the Settings window, in the section called Temporary Internet files folder click on Move Folder.... Then navigate to the folder you just made (e.g. `TIF’) and select that, then go on clicking OK until everything closes.

You should now be able to open Visual Studio Help and other MSDN Library files in the Microsoft Document Explorer!! I believe you can even - although I haven’t tried it - move your Internet Explorer temporary files back to the Temporary Internet Files directory in Local Settings and I’m told it will still carry on working. Not an easy one to guess.

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