February 27, 2005

Dick Scott Stewart Photos at Gallery 286

The first exhibition of photographs by my brother Dick Scott Stewart to be held since he died in November 2002 is on at Jonathan Ross’s Gallery 286 in the Earls Court Road, London from today until March 15th.

I’m going along this morning to the opening, and the Memorial which precedes it. The exhibition is confined exclusively to Dick’s black-and-white work, which I always thought was his best. All exhibits are for sale, with prices starting around £400 a print. I’m pleased to hear that quite a few have sold already, during last week’s preview days. Dick would have been gob-smacked at the prices, which now can only go higher. Its the old Van Gogh syndrome at work again.

The Exhibition has been organised by Dick’s wife Mog Scott Stewart, primarily as a launch for the Dick Scott Stewart Archive, which has become Mog’s Big Project - more news about this on brokenenglish, where many of Dick’s best photos have always been hosted.

In the meantime, I’m rather dreading the whole thing, not having as yet become entirely reconciled to anyone’s death, let alone my only brother’s. Oi vay, I guess it’ll probably turn out okay. We shall see.

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