January 15, 2005


Bolton 1-0 Arsenal - and on a day when Manchester United beat Liverpool (including Morientes) 1 - 0 and Chelsea beat ‘on a roll….not’ Spurs 2 - 0, this was indeed a tragic result for the Gooners, putting them a daunting 10 points behind Russia’s Chelsea and a mere 1 point ahead of Man U.

Something is wrong with the greatest team on earth…Arsenal are just not meant to lose, and especially not at this time in the season, when Chelsea is beginning to look home and dry for the Premiership. And certainly not to a team from somewhere like Bolton, so far north you’d think they’d stick to Rugby league, or bowls, or whatever.

I think jamaicaGunner might be right when he says ‘Wake up Wenger….BUY some dam players’. Not any criticism of the team he’s already got - you could hardly wish for anything better - but perhaps a little new blood is needed to spark them up to where they can and should be.

Its not all over by a long chalk - and for a change we still have the Champions League on the agenda - but Arsenal do seem to have lost a little of the magic of last season at the moment, and this is not a good time to let go of the reins.

Mr Wenger is perhaps slightly disconcerted to have someone like Jose Mourinho up against him in the Championship - somebody else modern, cerebral and euro-smart, a far cry from the old and easy Scottish meat still hanging out in Manchester. It would be nice to think he (Mr Wenger) realised its not exactly a party for his supporters at the moment, seeing how everyone else in the country is laughing their pants off watching the Gunners in a spot of trouble - when everyone else hates you, its not a great idea to give them the opportunity of taking the piss.

We could still nick the Championship…just. But only if some of the superstars wake up a bit from where they are. Henri? Viera? Its payback time - now its getting cold outside, we need you to deliver. Maybe a new kid in Highbury might be just what’s needed to fire them up, remind them that tomorrow always comes, and maybe a great deal sooner than the Gooners think.

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