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May 25, 2007

Ultimate Bloody Mary

A lifetime of turning to a proper Bloody Mary once the sun has gone over the yard arm has evolved a Bloody Mary recipe as follows:

Materials & Ingredients:



Use ice even if all or any other main ingredients are frozen.
Lemon and salt are fundamental (garlic salt can also be used, but easy with it).
Measures given are for serious alcoholics with depraved senses of taste and smell - reduce according to (lack of) experience.
Celery is a somewhat distracting embellishment, inappropriate for hard drinkers but appealing to vegetarians. Stick or finger is better.
Enjoy it with all necessary caution. Change to something else after 2/3 glasses.

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Posted by Iain Stewart at 9:09 PM in cocktails
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Welcome back from the pits of BBS Iain! Is that a crack in the ice for a Bloody Mary?

Unfortunately, not even a serious application of BMs can disguise the fact that this is a pretty dismal test series, Monty P providing the best of entertainment and skill. Will the Windies ever get it back, or has it all gone to baseball and basketball?

I guess that the chasm between intent and action plagues many, maybe we need to just forget the intent and go straight for the action. Less brain involved in the doing! Harmison could learn here.

We have a great cinema here in rural Kent, Kino that shows films I would have to go to London to see. I am unfamiliar with blogging conventions but would like to share a few thoughts about a film ‘Requiem’ which won the Berlin Golden Bear as I haven’t posted this elsewhere:

You wouldn’t recommend Requiem to your mate if it’s a good night’s entertainment that he/she is looking for. But, once you get past the stark sadness and desperation that pervades the film it tells a story with great elegance and some stunning performances.

So what’s it all about? Well, that, it seems to me, is the question, for the story offers no answers, or rather, it offers many, constructed out of the fears, insecurities and belief systems of the participants each of whom brings his/her own agenda to the interpretation of the ‘insanity” of Micheala Klinger. Sandra Hüller’s performance is utterly convincing a real tour de force.

The film depicts the short life of a young rural Bavarian girl who leaves home to go to college in the big city, her mental confusion and death at the hands of priest and family in an attempt to exorcise her ‘devils’.

The following is not so much a review of the film but a commentary on the scenario.

Only one character can live with the madness of Micheala – her abused college friend Hanna – who continues to offer her unconditional love untrammeled by the need to pigeon-hole and apply a meaning to her condition. For it is this need to ascribe an explanation to the events that so challenge the parents, lover, priests and doctors that surround her; that ties a sea anchor to their ability to engage with Micheala, to listen with empathy, however well meaning they may be.

I feel as though I am making a bit of a hash of trying to convey a simple thought that this film evokes for me; which is that it is our own limitations and self protectionist social constructs, whether they be based on religion, science or fear, that inform our response, or lack of it, to human situations that are beyond our immediate frame of reference.

It also provides further evidence, if any was needed, of the inhumanity of organized religion and our deep trouble with altered states of perception, otherwise known as mental illness.

Enough. Blog on!

Posted by: Rohan Barnett at June 16, 2007 2:27 PM

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