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December 15, 2005

Pandora, Mogwai and Rankin

The scintillatingly brilliant Pandora - where you create personal ‘radio stations’ by putting in the name of a song or a musician you dig, and Pandora chooses an endless stream of music based round your selection from the huge archive built up by the Music Genome Project, plus a lot more as well, seems a very Web 2.0 application, although using Flash rather than AJAX, not that I think the latter is fundamental to the Web 2.0 idea, unlike some.

What I’m especially grateful to Pandora for already is reminding me how ideal the wonderful Mogwai are for writing to while you listen. Until Scottish scribbler Ian Rankin of Rebus fame highlighed this fact somewhere or other, I had not been able to write anything more challenging than an I.O.U. while any music was on, (spoken radio was of course even worse), but like Rankin I find Mogwai just perfect for everything this side of poetry. Thought I’d share this, while putting in the plug for Pandora, with which (or whom) I have nothing to do, beyond the obligations of admiration.

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Posted by Iain Stewart at 8:40 PM in music and web and writing
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