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September 13, 2005

Jerusalem, England

Of the many good things made possible in the wake of England’s awesome and unequivocal thrashing of the whingeing Aussie poofters at the Oval, few would be more welcome than the adoption of William Blake’s Jerusalem as the National Anthem of a renascent England - an idea eloquently promoted by the deafening crowd throughout the five days of glory down in London SE11.

That credit for initiating the Jerusalem moment at the commencement of each day’s play should variously be claimed by such capitalist representatives of the dark Satanic mills as nPower, sponsors of this Ashes series, and some hack on the appalling Brit rag the Daily Mail, and endorsed by such paid-up sons of the soil as Billy Bragg, shows the solid cross-platform support the song is getting.

Anyone who has ever tried to sing (or be forced to listen to) God Save the Queen at a moment of high adrenaline patriotism will know just how badly England needs an anthem they can get behind (besides which GSTQ is the UK/British National Anthem, not specifically English at all).

With the London Olympics on the distant horizon, England’s sorry football team desperately needing to justify Sven’s salary (and also qualify for the World Cup if possible), and being already left behind by the Welsh and Scots in this department, NOW IS THE TIME to make sure Blake’s great hymnn for England gets on to the National song sheet.

The way the Oval crowd got behind belting out ‘our clouded hills’ and ‘O clouds unfold’ when the country prayed for bad light and a draw (both of which we got BTW) should convince anyone half sensible that Jerusalem has got everything necessary for the English psyche. And having a real anthem to mark the way ahead would give due respect to Michael, Freddie, KP and all for what they did (and not just for Woodworm bats either)- during this historic summer when England met Shane Warne.

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Posted by Iain Stewart at 11:01 AM in cricket and england
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Normally my idea of sporting excitement is to recall Stirling Moss (Vanwall) overtaking Juan Manuel Fangio (Lancia Ferrari) at Silverstone in 1956, but I'll admit I was moved by the arcane cricketing rites, that locked into memories of John Arlott on the wireless..."...and he's coming in very gracefully now, from the Gasometer End...lovely shot by Graveny to the boundary..." My Dad who would have been 90 yesterday and saw Jack Hobbs would have approved. Jerusalem is of course
much better than that Hanoverian dirge...

One of my odd plays is getting a little one-off studio production in London in December...I'll keep you posted. Hope you're OK

Posted by: Paul Green at September 15, 2005 10:00 PM

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