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May 18, 2005

Killer Plugins of the Spam Wars

Drowning in the neverending tsunami of comment and trackback spam, I was at the point of reaching out with my dying breath through the online-poker-infested, phentermine-polluted foamy flood towards the trackback/comments OFF switch of ignominious surrender, when the [aquatic disaster] cavalry at last arrived in the heroic form of legendary pluginmeister Brad Choate wielding his glittering Weapon of Mass Spam Destruction (WMSD), the modestly named SpamLookup.

Seamlessly linking up with my trusty but increasingly battered trackback minder MT-Moderate and further taking on board MT3’s ever-solid platoon of comment moderation options, SpamLookup leapt into savage action against the unhealthy horde of page-rank-crazed comment and ping usurpers already piling up for moderation at the gates of publication.

The result of adding SpamLookup to MT-Moderate is, amazingly, the virtual overnight disappearence of all trackback and comment spam from the site.

Happy? Yo. I am de.ler.ious - really.

Posted by Iain Stewart at 2:44 PM in movable type
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