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May 25, 2005

Deptford Foxes

Even down here in the beating heart of Deptford, in the very soul of the South London that North London wants to forget, there is an hour or so in the darkest time of the midweek night when humanity all but disappears from the streets, and the foxes take over.

As another creature of the night, I have watched as the foxes of Deptford have grown in confidence and pride over the five or so years since they first moved into the neighbourhood. Many a deadline taken down to the wire in PHP or Photoshop has been tightly accompanied by the wailing frenzy of the two foxy squatters in my garden as they fuck each other’s brains out, the bitch’s demonic ecstasy sounding too like a woman being raped for any shred of comfort.

And then strolling out towards the only other oasis of human endeavour impinging on the silence of Deptford in the darkest hour - the legendary Cool’n’Cozy on New Cross Road open 9pm-4am every night of the year, saving the lives of the lost - I see the fox walking his domain.

Even a year ago, the foxes would walk out only in pairs, and the moment they sensed you would run for cover. Now the fox walks alone, and doesn’t hear you until he wants to, and when eventually he looks back over his shoulder, maybe fifty yards ahead, for a moment things are left to hang in the balance while you look at each other, before the he lopes off casually into an alley, or under some obvious car.

Next year, or sooner, it may be me who crosses to the other side of the road. Anyone who thinks the city is taming the foxes should see what’s been going on while they sleep. The wild animals are taking over the city.

Posted by Iain Stewart at 10:04 PM in deptford
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browsing for glimpses of my old life in Deptford I came across your blog. Nice to know something four legged other than rats can survive there

Posted by: erin at June 18, 2006 7:20 AM

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