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February 24, 2005

The Spyware Alert which has Everything

This ZDNet Security Alert Spyware infiltrates blogs is bad news for just about everyone - Google, Blogger, Microsoft, IE6, iWebTunes and every blogger blogger.

Only one stellar name comes out on top - Firefox - recommended by Richard Stiennon, technology chief of anti-spyware software makers Webroot as the safest browser for reading blogs, now that clicking on the ‘Next Blog’ link on any Blogger Blogspot site will expose anyone still using Internet Excplorer to the new spyware threat, which (surprise surprise) delivers malicious code via popup adverts.

Most sadly of all, this kind of news doesn’t do any favours to the blogosphere in general, poised as it is to go big.

Posted by Iain Stewart at 2:32 PM in blogosphere and web
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