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February 25, 2005

MT-Moderate 1.1.1 (for Windows!)

Chad Everett has thankfully got the much-needed Movable Type plugin MT-Moderate to work on Windows servers, with just a little graciously-acknowledged help from Windows-hosted blogs like Kate’s and here at Brokenenglish.

The biggest thing about MT-Moderate is that it at last provides a wall of defence against those pestilent spammers who plot to hawk their tacky wares via Trackbacks, something you might have thought Movable Type would have provided by default, as they have for moderating comments, seeing as how they were the one’s who really pushed the trackback as a crucial element of the blogging experience.

So now thanks to Chad, as well as moderating comments, we will also be moderating trackbacks - which in practical terms means the slightest of delays before any kosher trackbacks, like any kosher comments, appear on the site.

This may perhaps seem a rather stupid move for a site so patently in need of a great deal more of both.

But it must be better (mustn’t it?) than the endless fervent promotions for Texas Hold’em Poker and weird sex drugs we get bombarded with as though we were comment/trackback billionaires on a Page-Ranking par with the likes of Glenn Reynolds or, on a good trackbacking day for her bowel movements, the delightful Heather Armstrong. I suppose.

Whatever, it was great seeing up close just how hard and fast a plugin guru like Chad works to get an update like MT-Moderate 1.1.1 out of budding beta and into blossom, notwithstanding the vague after-taste of shame those of us on Windows servers are left with in the wake of such brief encounters with the geek-cool, mod_rewritten, Apache-happy world of A-list blog developers - and which only a quick visit to Scoble can help to wash away.

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