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January 30, 2005

Blogging from the Desktop

A first post using MT Client 1.60 - so am now blogging straight from the desktop.Came upon the program first via the MT Wiki, then, having learnt a degree of caution with the onset of old age, checked it out at a good overview/test of available Blog Clients (mainly for Movable Type) carried out by the delightfully-named ohfuckingwell blog, I took the plunge and..here we are.

First take - pros: very easy set up; great to have a MS Word-like spell-checker; plonks the whole of the MT entry interface on to the desktop, customised as desired; imports all your categories and different blogs from each domain specified; has a UK English as well as US English dictionary, plus a Custom dictionary you can add to; and there’s a useful online forum. Also basic HTML formatting, link-insertion, entities insertion for accented characters etc., and a good deal more I haven’t yet looked into.Cons - no visible Help system (not that its really all that necessary) and no Preview function (which I understand is planned for the first public release - this is a late Beta version I’ve got). Generally speaking: great! Oh, and its all free, which is nice.

Further reports as usage dictates.

Posted by Iain Stewart at 3:58 PM in movable type
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