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December 6, 2004

Sad Spaces of MSN

MSN Spaces - Microsoft’s defining contribution to the blogosphere - is as tragic as its depressing.

Launched in the week that the Merriam-Webster Dictionary announced that blog had been the most looked-up word of the year (which is as worrying as its encouraging), MSN’s somewhat post-deluvian challenge to Google’s super-slick Blogger looks like a massive step in the opposite direction to the flow.

For a laugh, I put the site’s home page through the W3C html validator - it didn’t do very well. As for its CSS mark-up, this verged on the actionable.

Of the most recently updated Spaces, the only one I could find with any content whatsoever belonged to a certain Scott Fenstermacher, which carried a long and well-argued piece entitled My Microsoft OS Installation Complaints (dig the URL - will the search engines just love that!).

The ‘Spaces’ also boast a ‘bad words’ filter which, for instance, tends to make a mockery of their punters’ ‘My Music’ listings by banning the word ‘bitch’ and with it half the rap songs ever made.

There’s more - none of it good - but I can’t go on. Its all so sad. I used to think Micro$oft were pretty cool, despite many opinions heard to the contrary. I like ASP and DOT NET and stuff. But MSN Spaces - puleeeez.

Posted by Iain Stewart at 2:34 AM in blogosphere
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