April 22, 2004

Conservative Party wins Refined Media Support

Daily Express espouses Michael Howard's 'New Tories'

" 'Don't you tell me to sit down, you miserable little piece of shit,' Mr Desmond said, before he launched what witnesses described as 'a stream of foul-mouthed abuse, both personal and general'.

"After three years dealing with a bunch of crooks I'm starting to enjoy this," Mr Desmond said, adding, "You sat down with that fucking fat crook and did nothing," in an apparent reference to Lord Black. He also called the Telegraph directors "fucking cunts" and "fucking wankers" among other names in an expletive-ridden tirade.

When Mr Deedes said he didn't think the discussion - a monthly meeting of West Ferry's finance committee - was going to be productive, Mr Desmond paused before launching a fresh assault.

"It was then he mimicked the Basil Fawlty walk, only for Mr Deedes to argue that it was unacceptable to refer to people as Nazis.

"'Do you want to come outside and sort it out, then?' Mr Desmond sneered, before the Telegraph executives decided to abandon the meeting, scheduled to start at 9am.

"At this point the Express directors - managing director Martin Ellice, finance director Rob Sanderson and publishing manager Chris Haslum - were told to sing Deutschland uber Alles.

"It is understood the Telegraph will refuse to reconvene the meeting unless there are third parties present."

Extract from MediaGuardian on the day Mr Desmond and his newspaper also shocked the nation by abandoning their crucial, albeit largely unrecognised, support of TB and his party with an 'Enough is Enough' front page return to more racially conservative roots. An enormous loss to everyone, not least Mr Howard.

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