about brokenenglish.com

The brokenenglish website may best be described in terms that recall a (discredited) theory of modern cosmology: "The older it gets, the smaller it gets."

The domain brokenenglish.com was registered with the InterNIC on 22 June 1997, and went immediately live with a vertically-centred, black backgrounded site as unmistakeably influenced by damagedcalifornians.com in design as it was in name.

The treasured domain name also encompassed a similarly overt tilt of the hat to the eponymous song by the great Marianne Faithfull, as well as its witty post-modernist descriptive relevance to one of the site's innumerable content-intentions, namely to chronicle the fragmentation of the English language.

The love child of an author irredeemably converted to solipsism during the swinging London culture of the 1960s, the domain name was further envisaged as a start-up community for the most terminally inflicted survivors of that demanding era, with a simple addition of the definite article creating more than sufficient resonance for viral t-shirt glory, as in "R U 1 of The Brokenenglish?"

From acorns such as this...squirrels get fat.